Our why

Nowadays, most organizations are convinced of the benefits of creating diversity within their workforce. Although many organizations are better and more focused on creating diversity, many have not yet figured out how to create an inclusive environment.

‘’Diversity can be seen, inclusion can be felt’’

It is imperative for success to make this transition from Diversity to Inclusion. We have spent decades building recognition and now it time to focus on achievement.   We want to help our business partners become Inclusive, by delivering innovative and tailor-made services in co-creation both on organisational and individual level. We belief Trust-Transparency-Accountability is the foundation on which we built our services and help our business partners. Through our services we aim to build self-awareness on behavioural patterns, bias and judgment, and have our business partners experience what the impact is on others.

What is required for this transition?

  • Inclusive leadership skills; becoming inclusive for oneself
  • Next level inclusive cooperation skills
  • Acknowledging and transcending differences and conflicts
  • Empathy to relate to others; more intimacy
  • Making the step as a group


 Our method

To become Inclusive in a corporate environment, we believe there should be focus on an organisational, team and individual level. The model that we use is a guideline to work on this.

Organisational level

Aligning strategy-culture-workforce. What direction is your company heading? What are long term goals? Do we have set of norms, values and beliefs to achieve these goals? Do we have the right skill set, knowledge, experience, personalities? If not, there will be legacy, insider groups that resist change.

Team and individual level

In order to achieve our strategic goals, we need an environment of Trust, Transparency and Accountability. It takes change from within, self-awareness, experiencing the effect to get a return on relations.


 Our approach

Team & individual

We work with the existing team, preferably on the job. This allows us to observe the team dynamics. Furthermore, all interventions can be directly transferred to daily practice. In parallel – when necessary – we do individual coaching.


We look at the specific need within your organisation/team. We believe in building a program together with the primary stakeholders, starting e.g with interviews (environment scan) or a questionnaire to assess the current situation.

State of the art concepts

We use existing expertise/theories and practical applicable concepts which are linked to the daily practice of team members and managers.

Experience oriented

Our intervention programs (at group and individual level) are focused at experiencing and not just talking about what it feels like to be judgmental or to stand out in the group.


In our communication with the client, we practice our principles. This asks for inclusive leadership skills like:

  • Ensuring team members to speak up and make sure they are heard
  • Making it safe to propose novel ideas, come with ‘different’ viewpoints.
  • Stimulating authenticity of your team members (instead of subconsciously having the minority conforming to the standards, norms of the majority)

 Our services

Retention programs

Setting up tailor-made retention programs in co-creation with our business partners, in order to retain female and bi-cultural talent.

Female Executives Career Management

Tailor-made solutions in helping Female Executives manage their professional careers

Career Management Bi-Cultural talent

Tailor-made solutions in helping Bi-cultural manage their professional careers

Boardroom consulting

  • Building awareness and commitment of senior management on Inclusion
  • Consulting Boards on integrating Inclusion in Strategy-Culture-Workforce


  • How to transform dysfunctional teams?
  • How to build Divers & Inclusive teams?


  • Inclusive leadership skills
  • Next level inclusive cooperation skills
  • Reframing way of thinking regarding attraction and retention of talent
  • Building awareness on Inclusion through individual sessions and workshops
  • Training (senior) management and HR on cultural and gender bias
  • Understanding cultural behavioural patterns in candidate interviews

Adnan Basaran


About Adnan Basaran

Adnan Basaran has established a reputation as an innovator in the field of executive search, with a special focus on matters concerning Diversity and Leadership. With Kamran International his mission will be to help corporations find scarce talent and groom talent into inspirational and transparent leaders. Kamran International will work with a network of Associates with a strong trackrecord in Onboarding and Learning Services.

Adnan Basaran was born in Deventer, the Netherlands. He studied Commercial Economics at Saxion Hogescholen. He launched his career in 1996 and worked for several years at internationally oriented companies such as KLM and Asiahouse.

His next move was a deliberate step into the world of recruitment. In this field he worked for 15 years, setting up interim management and recruitment divisions at several international organizations, such as Robert Half and Morgan McKinley. From 2009 onwards, he has been working as an entrepreneur under the name B&B Associates, where his responsibilities included national and international recruitment assignments at senior level.

At NGL International, Adnan Basaran led the Financial services practice. He primarily focused on advising international financial services institutions and a number of corporates. He has conducted numerous (inter-)national searches at Banks and Insurance companies. Adnan is a strong believer in Diversity and Inclusion and has developed a global network of senior bankers (m/f) with international backgrounds.

About Tanja Smid

Tanja is a specialist in leadership development and has a broad experience in consulting, coaching and training executive and operational management. The development of people in (changing) organizations, and the challenges of (top)management in this environment have been returning themes in her career.

Born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, she spent her childhood in several parts of the country, from Limburg to Groningen. This way she learned to adapt herself quickly and establish new relationships, and also discovered the experience of being ‘different’.

For almost 10 years she worked at KPN Telecom. Here she fulfilled several management positions and was in charge of change projects on Quality and HR- issues. In 2001 she started her own business and since then worked with Management Teams, individual managers and professionals on topics like personal leadership, team-effectiveness and inclusiveness. She has a strong belief in inclusive leadership as a driver for organizational excellence.

Tanja studied organizational psychology and in addition was educated in Systemic Work, Group Dynamics, Change Management and Inclusive Leadership. Besides the Inclusion Partners, Tanja is associated with GITP HR Consultancy and Hogeschool Utrecht. Her book on managing people (Leidinggeven doe je zo!, 2013) is widely used among operational management in the Netherlands.


Tanja Smid


Thomas Houdijk

About Thomas Houdijk

During the last 15 years, Thomas developed into a senior coach, trainer and facilitator, supporting large knowledge-intensive organisations with developing their senior professionals and leaders. Working with international groups and individuals in The Netherlands, as well as abroad, Thomas feeds the can increase business effectiveness by promoting mutual understanding and inclusion. through (personal) leadership.

Born in Gouda, the Netherlands, Thomas studied Business at the Rotterdam School of Management (MScBA) after serving in the army for 2 years (drafted). He worked as HR business partner and manager for Heineken and ICL (Fujitsu) before taking the step to psychometric HR consultancy Cubiks as Managing Consultant.

After 12 year of international consulting, Thomas started his own business as independent L&D professional in 2014. In this capacity he works for his own clients as well as associate to Kamran Inclusion Partners and others. Thomas is a chartered coach (NOBCO/EMCC). His certifications include NLP, TA and MBTI.

About Ingrid de Bruijn

Ingrid is an experienced coach-trainer, focused at facilitating individual as well as team development. She has over 10 years of experience with designing and delivering (tailor made) programs for international companies, where she facilitated team sessions to improve the team cohesion and effectiveness and programs in the field of communication, leadership and change management.

Ingrid strongly believes that facilitating an inclusive environment is imperative for fruitful individual and team development. In her experience, being accepted and respected in your uniqueness within a group is such a powerful ingredient of self-actualization.

Having worked for more than 10 years at an international HR consultancy (Cubiks), being part of an international workforce and working with international groups she developed her cultural awareness and sensitivity. Moreover, being married with a partner with a different cultural background, she personally experiences the wonders and challenges of cultural differences in relationships on a daily basis.

Before Cubiks, she worked in recruitment and management development roles at a large ICT company. In 2018, she decided to start her own business and is now associated with The Inclusion Partners.

Ingrid studied at the University of Maastricht where she obtained a master in science degree in International Business. During her career she followed studies and courses in the field of coaching, systemic work and psychology of Jung. Her certifications include Transactional Analysis, NLP and MBTI.


Ingrid de Bruijn

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